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DTA Entry Apple Sisters by xXFluffyBishXx
DTA Entry Apple Sisters
Name: Cream apple tree
Age: 17
gender: Mare
Species:  Earth Pony
Parents: Trenderhoof and Apple Jack
siblings: Oro (half sister) Apple Jewl
Pet: Dog
her story :  Cream  enjoyed getting dirty and helping out her uncle and mom with chores. on the weekend or any events she was pampered and loved to wear top of the line outfits. she works on the farm now and then going to sugar cube corner  to find a a mare to turn was a half sister. since then she's became wonder friends with her. currently  Cream has moved out of the home starting up her own farm in ponyville 
Relationship Status: Single 
Relationships: She  More close to her mom then her dad. she loves to bake with her mom and help out with  chores and her baby sister who she absolutely  adores . her half sister she hangs out with more than anyone . her friends loves to do anything kind for them
Personalty: Cream  is a sassy  mare who loves the farming life along with fashion. she's such a tease on everything, quite a flirt with everypony 
likes: Farming, making jam, her family and friends,Fashion trends 
dislikes:  mean ponies, made fun off,heights 
extra info : for an earth pony she is taller than the average .
Cutie Mark : Apple Zap Jam
Name: Oro
Age: 15
gender:  Mare
Species: Earth Pony
Parents: Twilight Sparkle And Apple Jack
siblings: Cream apple tree (Half sister) Star Fruit 
Pet:  pig
her story :  Oro is a home schooled pony by her Alicorn mother since she was small when her home work and studying was done she would go out and help her mother with her chores. later when  she started to work she ended up meeting  Cream apple pie  only to later find out she's her half sister.Confused and joyed kinda scared the mare at first and later grew very close to her become the closet of friends.
Relationship Status: Single 
Relationship:  She enjoys being around her mothers is rather close to both of them. She's best friends with her half sister always looking forward to seeing her. her little sister she loves to play with and keeping an eyes on her. with her friends she's quite close to them calling them family and includes them in anything she does
Personalty: She's s spunky and playful mare who enjoys to prove others wrong.  she doesnt like be made fun off an can hold a grudge 
likes: Farming,Learning new things,  making potions 
dislikes:  mean.rude ponies ,  made fun of
Cutie Mark  : Gold Apple with stars around it
Entry 2 for 
I So love how these two came out! XD i had a funny idea to make them half sisters XP and saw them kinda cute together
DTA Entry Star Night by xXFluffyBishXx
DTA Entry Star Night
Name:  Star Night
Age: 15
gender: Mare
Species: Alicorn
Parents: Flash sentry and Twilight Sparkle 
siblings: Comment Shield , Twinkle Star 
her story:  Star  since she was a little foal has always been fascinated with the night.  she used to get picked on at school for being a nerd and short but ignored it for following in her mothers steps she study hard into the best schools. although not going into the Celestia's school of gifted unicorns. she got taken under the wing of the Princess of the Night later being her student and friend. Star  Currently lives in the old Castle with the Princess  in the everfree forest. she goes into ponyville  in the dawn meeting with her friends before she goes off with Luna and works into the night shift. 
Relationship Status : Single 
Relationships: She enjoys to be around her parents. With her mother  she loves to Study and with her father she enjoys training.  She has a few Close friends she absolutely loves to hang out with. she hangs out with  Princess Luna her mentor  of the night  she's become very close to her.
Pet: Owl
Personalty: She's a peppy mare who loves  enjoys the fun or things. She's  night owl sleeps in the morning up at night.She's stubborn as mule at times. 
likes: her friends ,Family, Luna,enjoys making the stars and pulling pranks
dislikes:  being teased, mean ponies
Cutie Mark and meaning : her cutie mark is a Moon Crescent and a Star, her Talent  involves the study in the stars and arranging them. 

it was kinda hard to draw her but i loved how she came out! she so pretty i just love her<3
CE for 

DTA Entry 2 Uproar by xXFluffyBishXx
DTA Entry 2 Uproar
Name: Uproar
Nickname:  none
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Species: Species: Earth pony/Dragon Hybrid
Parents: Spike and Sweetie Belle
Personality: Uproar is a Sassy ,playful and  super curious  little Filly .
Back Story: Uproar has always been one to be kind and nice to others though she does get picked on for looking different and not having a cutie mark she ignores it. she loves the fact that she has friends to take her as she is , Taking on her mothers Group she tries to find her cutie mark doing any silly sing to get to it.Often she does bug her older sister needing to get outta sticky situations .as born part  dragon she is larger then ponies of her age but she uses it to an advantage to some points.
Cutiemark and what it means: N/A hasn't received her Cutie Mark yet
Pet: Chinchilla 
Likes: Her Parents , Cutie Mark Crusaders , Gem hunting, Singing with her mother
Dislikes: being teased , not having a cutie mark 
Sibling(s): Gem Hunter
 She has  a bit of a hyper maybe squeaky voice
Voice Actor: livvy stubenrauch
Theme Song:  Count on me- Bruno Mars 
Relationships:  she's close to her parents . With her mother she spends more time with enjoying listening to the tunes she sings. with her dad she loves gem hunting even  getting to munch on a gem here and there. with her older sister she enjoys messing with her and teasing her but also loves spending time and bonding with her as well. Due to some fear of sleeping alone she always crawls into her sisters room for a sense of protection.
Second entry for PawScratch 
Took a while but i enjoyed how she came out >w<
DTA Entry 1  Hush Lullaby by xXFluffyBishXx
DTA Entry 1 Hush Lullaby
Name:  Hush Lullaby  
Nicknames: Lulu
Gender: Stallion
Species: Pony
Parents: Flutter Shy and Shinning Amour
Personality:  He's a Sweet and Caring Stallion, He's somewhat Shy  and Naive ,Awfully Trusting looking for the best in everyone also quite innocent
Back Story: Hush lullaby has always been a shy and quiet stallion since he was small when going into school as a young colt he was picked on in school not only for a blank flank as of being the last one in his class but for the fact he was a shy and quite  and his love for singing.He as a young colt would try to avoid going to school for being teased until later he met two little fillies who stood up for him Cheese Cake and Casanova Sword after that the three became friends since then the closet and then on from the three if one had a problem then it was all their problem to take on together.  Hush had some trouble as he got older and entered into high school mares had intrest in him cause he was cute ans shy but he never seemed to get any of their hints unless Cheese or Cassanova explained to him then he start bursting red in embarassment. He always goes to his dad seeking help in any "Girl" problems or just how to stand up for himself. with his mom he  comes to her always in comfort and in help she needs he enjoyed helping her with his sister as she was young. any time he'd always offered to sinning a lullaby to her. later as his Sister ages he gets these small spurts of instant protection  but does get laughed at by his friends and sister since its unlike him to be  brave and tough. Although he does ignore the remarks he does take his protection to his friends and family seriously. in the strength end he's in the shallow end of that stick but he is bright so he does study in magic to learn spells that come in handy in case of any problems. on his down time he stays in his room writing songs he does sing them  in small local restaurants since he's not that brave to sing in a large crowd.
Cutiemark and what it means:  a Moon along with the  music note and Heart. it Stands for his talent of Singing  and love for it the "Zzz's" stand for his quietness 
Pet: savannah cat
Likes:  He enjoys singing, Helping/hanging around with his friends, he loves writing music in his alone time. 
Dislikes: He dislikes any one being mean to anypony/family/friends and himself, teased or compared to about "maning up"
Sibling(s): Holy Blade (sister) 
 He has normal tone voice  it does it very shy and whispery when scared or intimated 
Voice Actor: Steven Yeun
Theme Song: Lullaby- Professor Green
Relationships: Hush is very close to his parents  he does hang out with his mother more helping her with the pets around the house. With his dad he hangs out with him learning his magic and enjoys his talks with his dad. He's playful with his sister and suports her in her training although she is capible of protecting herself Hush is protective of her although not good at it he takes it as his job to watch over her.With his friends he seems them as extened family and would do almost anything they ask for he's greatful to have them around and taking him for who he is.
Ailments and Mental Notes: He has a studder problem  and he has quite a few panic attacks wich can cause him to do things he normally wouldnt. he Blacks out entering into a little depressed  state  off runing away into his mind as he doesnt talk about his problems. He can be outta it for days going on without eating or moving. and in some cases into his depression becomes enraged wear he needs to smash things in these cases he runs off into the everfree forest  away from his
loved ones to do so.
Worked so hard on him. Took a while but i love him so much! x3
Contest Entry PawScratch


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